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 Ashampoo Snap 4 v4.1.0 Multilanguage لتصوير شاشة نسخة جديدة

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مُساهمةموضوع: Ashampoo Snap 4 v4.1.0 Multilanguage لتصوير شاشة نسخة جديدة   الثلاثاء أغسطس 31, 2010 1:12 pm

Ashampoo® Snap 4.1.0

برنامج Ashampoo Magical Snap يعتبر بحق أفضل و أسهل برنامج
لتصوير أي شيء على شاشة جهاز الكمبيوتر مهما كان و بأي شكل ...
فيه إمكانات عالية للتصوير بل تستطيع أن تحرر و ترسل الصور حتى بالبريد الإلكتروني
و يعتبر أسهل برنامج إلى جانب مقدرته العالية

Editing functions and mighty “MouseTools”
If you want to make more changes all the tools are there at your fingertips. In addition to familiar functions like resize, rotate, crop, cut and copy Ashampoo Magical Snap also includes a set of easy-to-use “MouseTools”:
MouseTools turn your mouse pointer into a miniature graphics editing program. Everything you need is right there around the mouse pointer, including all the relevant buttons and controls. You don’t have to look for anything in complicated menus and dialogs.
MouseTools can erase areas, highlight areas, insert arrows, insert ****, draw transparent and filled shapes and create an impressive “spotlight” effect to draw attention to special details. All practically with a flick of the mouse, and all with high-quality rendering for really sophisticated results!

New features
• Video capture with high quality codecs
• Two video modes for movies and program demos
• On-the-fly video encoding – no waiting
• Cool new interface, even easier to use
• Accurate multi-page printing for scrolling captures
• New automated file name functions for captures
• Flood fill editing tool for filling areas with color
• Editor function, now opens and edits other files
• Get great results in seconds

حجم البرنامج: 10ميجا.

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Ashampoo Snap 4 v4.1.0 Multilanguage لتصوير شاشة نسخة جديدة
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